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"eSpan140 provides county engineers with all of the information necessary to select a cost-effective steel bridge or culvert customized to their specific project needs." Mark Servi - President-Elect, National Association of County Engineers

eSPAN140 is a complimentary web-based design tool which provides customized steel solutions for bridges up to 140 feet.

You can create a customized steel solution in 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Create a User’s Account
Step 2. Input Your Specific Project Details
Step 3. View Your Instant Customized Solutions Books
  • Standard designs for rolled beam, plate girder, corrugated structural plate, and corrugated steel pipe.
  • Manufacturer’s customized pre-fabricated solutions
  • Durability solutions
  • Contacts to design and build your bridge
  • Access to complimentary design support

View a Sample Solutions Book - Sample version contains limited information to reduce file size

Jesup South Bridge in Buchanan County, Iowa (7:55)

Does eSPAN140 really save time and money in short span steel bridge design? “Yes!” says the team that designed and built the Jesup South Bridge in Buchanan County, Iowa. Hear the story in their own words.

eSPAN140 OVERVIEW (1:59)


Once you create an account, eSPAN140 will save all of your design solutions. You can create, share, and edit your designs for future use.

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